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  • Web development, SEO and cloud architecture for startups!

Because building a successfull website is more than hiring a developer writing app requirements having a good pitch writing a business plan

  • Have you validated that your solution is viable and customers are willing to pay for it?
  • Did you test your business project with a Minimum Viable Product?
  • Can customers find you through google?
  • Is your website optimized for mobile users?
  • Is your website ready for handling an unexpected amount of traffic?
  • Are you sure your current web hoster is the best solution for you?

Cubic Penguin is the answer

to all the technical needs of your startup!


Meant to help your potential customers visualize the solution you propose to their problem

Minimum Viable Product

Meant to test your project in the market. A good startup should start earning money with a MVP

Cloud Architecture

OVH, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure... There are many web hosting services and Infrastructure as a Service providers out there. Which one is the best for you?

Web design and UX

You can have the best solution to a problem, but if it is difficult to use or ugly, you will have trouble acquiring new customers

Web development

The core of any web startup! Writing the actual lines of code that make the product and making sure it works flawlesly!

Search Engine Optimization

What good is to have a great product if google does not list you in the first page? Hence the importance of a good SEO strategy

If you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking about launching a disruptive startup, you are probably in need of a technical partner to make your idea come to life.
We have been where you are and we know the difficulty of finding the right set of techical skills to make a web project come true.


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